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The Importance of Mosquito Control in Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge, LA, is home to the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center, the tallest state capitol building in the US, and plenty of white pelicans. These sights and more are enough to bring folks from surrounding towns like Merrydale, Shenandoah, Hammond, Baker, and New Iberia (as well as from around the world), to Baton Rouge proper.

But it isn’t just the friendly folks from nearby cities that take to the city’s warm vibes. Unwanted pests, like mosquitoes, fleas, and other biting bugs, love the hot and humid landscapes surrounding Baton Rouge. Unfortunately, the elements that make Baton Rouge such a beautiful city – that is, the warmth and water – are also the very things that make it attractive to insects we don’t like.

In light of this, it’s no exaggeration to say that when you offer services like mosquito spraying in Baton Rouge, LA, you’re a pretty popular outfit. Not only does Mosquito Joe of Baton Rouge help folks with mosquito abatement, but we also work to keep your homes, yards, and businesses free of other pests, such as fleas and ticks.

What Benefits Do You Get From Mosquito Spraying Services in Baton Rouge, LA?

Insects like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other creepy crawlies, make it more challenging to enjoy your home and your yard, particularly during the warmer months of the year when they’re out in full swing. Mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and even rodents are nuisance embodied. Mosquito control in Baton Rouge, LA, takes the backyard fun away from bugs and other pests and gives it back to you.

Additionally, we offer natural pest control in Baton Rouge, LA, that uses essential oils and garlic, while still being just as effective as our traditional barrier spray. That’s why Mosquito Joe of Baton Rouge has trained its technicians to provide special services when requested that use natural remedies like lemongrass and peppermint to rid yards of pests.

Finally, the special events you hold outdoors, like weddings and birthday parties, can be bug-free with a little advanced planning. Our professionals who are well-versed in mosquito and flea control can become essential parts of your party-planning team in the days ahead of your event.

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How Can Mosquito Joe Help with Mosquito Control in Baton Rouge, LA?

Mosquito Joe of Baton Rouge deals with all types of pests, from mosquitoes to ticks, fleas, and even gnats. If it’s a pest, we know how to get rid of it, allowing you and yours to play outside without worrying about being bitten by bugs. That’s why, in addition to mosquito control, we offer a suite of services to take care of your unique pest control situation.

Here’s a look at some of the most critical services Mosquito Joe of Baton Rouge provides for residents:

  • Mosquito Control: Our full suite of mosquito control services ensure that your evergreen bushes and other barrier plants stay free from mosquitoes and their little buggy families for up to three weeks.
  • Natural Treatments: We can offer you natural treatments for pests that include the use of essential oils, like peppermint, which bugs can’t stand but people love. If you’re concerned about using chemical-based mosquito repellents and sprays, we have plenty of options for natural pest control in Baton Rouge, LA. Just ask us! We’d love to help.
  • Flea Control: If you find your pets scratching excessively, then you may want to see about our flea control services. While we know that much of the treatment of fleas centers around your veterinarian, we can create a protective treatment in your yard to ensure that fleas don’t come back.

Why Choose Mosquito Joe to Be Your Mosquito Exterminators in Baton Rouge, LA?

Mosquito Joe of Baton Rouge is the go-to solution for ridding your yard of pests, like mosquitoes, fleas, and other biting nasties.

Moreover, we have a suite of pest abatement options, some of which are natural pest control options, to help you bring your yard back to a healthy, bug-free state.

Aside from that, we are a Neighborly company, which means we offer the Neighborly Done Right Promise™. Whether you want us to spray for an event, like your niece’s backyard wedding or you need a natural approach to bug control, we guarantee we will do the job right.

If it’s not, just call us within 14 days, and we’ll come back and get it right. That’s our Done Right Promise.

Reach Out to Mosquito Joe for Excellent Pest Control Service

When it’s time to get rid of all the bugs in your yard, reach out to Mosquito Joe of Baton Rouge to request a quote for services, or call us at 225-376-6124. It’s our commitment to keep you and yours safe from the effects of these backyard nuisances.

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Mosquito Joe of Baton Rouge serves residential and commercial customers in the following areas:

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Finally found effective mosquito control. Mosquitos were uncontrollable until we started with Mosquito Joe. Great service!

Beth Perry

It works!


Great customer service along with employees who do a fantastic job treating my yard! No more mosquitoes on my patio!


We've been using Mosquito Joe's barrier treatment every 2 weeks since July 2019. The barrier treatment works well, and the $70 price is reasonable. Communication via email and text, and the scheduled spray appointments are very easy. Rescheduling appointments with MJ are also very easy and convenient via email or text, if you're out of town or can't provide access to your yard